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Practice Sales Advisors Testimonials

It's important to know what others think about working with Practice Sales Advisors. Check out the testimonials below from many of our wonderful clients. At Practice Sales Advisors, your story is what really matters.

I reached out to Rebecca with some questions that my wife and I had regarding the purchase of a clinic and she was more then willing to spend some time with us, give us her expert opinion, and give us some great advice on how to handle the situation. She was knowledgeable, very personable, and attentive. Would definitely recommend PSA!

Mr. Anthony Ervin


Rebecca has been an incredible source of information and knowledge. She has been so accommodating to my many questions. She has a broad knowledge base and I went through many different scenarios with her. She is also very supportive and making the decision making process easier by providing the numbers. Rebecca helped with many things including: emergency practice valuation individual purchasing advice vs corporate offers lending options corporate structure down payment info current market insight corporate employment negotiation lots of great free advice She is great to work with!

Dr. Maureen Noftsinger - Associate


Rebecca is an amazing consultant who has assisted in my search for the right practice. She helped me navigate through the numbers and clinic potential even though I have yet to find the perfect fit (I am being very picky!) I have looked at several in the past few years, and on the hunt again now. Thank you Rebecca!

Dr. Kristen Swanson - Buyer


For 17 years, we owned and operated a dog and cat practice in a busy suburban area. We never entertained the idea of selling - to anyone. Then I hit a landmark birthday and realized I had no exit strategy. When we started reaching out to brokers, we immediately found that Brennan and Rebecca stood out; they were the only brokers that took an interest in our specific situation. Our clinic operated in an 890 square foot space with one full-time doctor and one-part time relief vet. The fact that we grossed over a million dollars annually and enjoyed stellar reviews from a loyal clientele was lost on potential buyers. The size of the facility was a deal breaker. We began to lose hope in the entire process. How was it possible that so many potential buyers seemed to be overlooking not just our gross, but our higher than average net? Brennan and Rebecca were able to see - and market - our practice. They understood the kind of buyer we were looking for, and in less than three months time, found a corporate partner who shared our vision for the future of the practice. We have since been relieved of the burdens of ownership, but are still gainfully employed by the practice we built in the field we love. Selling to a corporation is a complex and multi-step process and Brennan, who handles the corporate end, helped us through the entire process with adeptness and skill. We particularly appreciated his patience and attention to detail. Brennan spent many, many hours helping us take care of all the moving parts. He kept our spirits up, and helped us through the complexities of the deal. He earned every penny. The last week before the deal was completed flew by. Then just like that, we woke up one morning relieved of ownership and management responsibilities, feeling tired, relieved - and grateful. We highly recommend Brennan McGoldrick as the best possible broker, especially if you are a family owned and operated practice. He’ll provide all the help you didn’t know you needed!

Ikarus - Seller

Miami, Florida

Dr. Mark Reser - Seller

Harvest Hills Veterinary Hospital, OK

Reser Closing Dinner

I recently bought a beautiful practice in the south Florida area despite the whole COVID-19 and distress generated, it was possible. Thanks to Rebecca & Aleah for their flawless effort. Super satisfied with their professionalism, amazing attitude, attention to detail and limitless kindness. Definitely will keep them in mind to refer my friends & colleagues. I'm extremely happy with them, truly beautiful blessings!!!

Dr. Eric Gutierrez - Buyer

Siegel TLC Animal Clinic, FL

Baks Closing.png

The other brokerage group felt too much like a car dealership rather than acknowledging the massive change my family was about to make for our future. Brennan guided me through the entire process, never making me feel like an inconvenience. Going through the practice purchasing process was quite eye opening and made me realize how many things I was ignorant of along this journey. Brennan always managed to find answers and feasible solutions to challenges we encountered along the way. Even though they were representing the sellers, it was a pleasant surprise to find out the degree of support I would have along the way. I wholeheartedly recommend them for the sale or purchase of a veterinary practice. You will not be disappointed!

Dr. Sarah Balaguer - Buyer

Center Veterinary Hospital, NC

Sarah Gerard 2.jpg
Sarah Gerard.jpg

Rebecca was AMAZING! We had recently been working with another adviser, with another company, and had a horrible experience. We contacted Rebecca about a listing she had and unfortunately(or so we thought) it had already been sold. She didn't try to push another practice on us, she actually listened to us when we told her what we were looking for. 2 days later she called us with what turned out to be our dream practice. A short month later we were practice owners! Not only the practice, but the seller's commitment to giving back to the community and more importantly serving God through her practice were more than we could have ever hoped for. The seller and ourselves are both adoptive parents, and our stories just intertwined from there. God had a plan all along, what we thought were roadblocks were just stepping stones. If you are looking for an amazingly kind and dedicated broker who will listen to your wants and needs, and not try to force you into something that just isn't right for the sake of profit, you will not find a better one than Rebecca. Thank you so much for working with us, and allowing our dreams to become a reality. God Bless! Dr. Cynthia and Matthew Davis.

Dr. Cynthia and Matthew Davis - Buyer

Davis Turner.jpg

Nothing but 5 Stars!!! Rebecca and Practice Sales Advisors played a key role as I looked into the daunting task of buying 2 multi-million dollar practices as well as a solo practice. She continues to provide her expertise fairly to both the buyer and seller in other practice valuations from multi-doctor practices to solo doctor practices. Anyone looking for a veterinary practice appraisal or just advice in how to buy a vet practice, Practice Sales Advisors is who to contact!

Dr. Aaron Rainer - Buyer


Thank you for helping us with the sale of our practice. Now the life of ease…Habitat for Humanity, signed up for a class, reading everything…so wonderful!"

Follow up Testimonial

"You will be and are an angel to us. We were so blessed to have met you and your wonderful company that has enabled us to retire. Almost 2 years now!"

Dr. Lucinda Ellis - Seller

Airport Animal Hospital, FL


I would not use anyone else for the purchase or sale of a Veterinary Clinic. Rebecca was one of the most personable and sincere people I have ever met. Her professionalism knew no bounds and she personally checks in with me even after the process. I would recommend her services and consider her to be a friend as well.

Dr. Daniel Iyer - Buyer

Bulkwater Veterinary Clinic, SC



Rebecca, in addition to being one of the most cordial professionals out there, is also one of the most knowledgeable that I have dealt with in the specialty area of veterinary practices and real estate.  She was exceptionally detailed and astute regarding my area of professional interest, i.e., the real estate aspect of veterinary practices, both in general as well as with key specifics such as clinic features,

utility factors, marketing and values.

J. Edward Collins

Commercial Real Estate Appraiser

Practice Sales Advisors can assist with estate sales & family members looking for assistance. We worked with Rebecca Davis,

and she was excellent.

Kimberly Whitley - Appraisal

I met Rebecca at a regional veterinary conference and was impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. Since then, we have collaborated through an organization of professionals serving the veterinary industry. We have worked on some practice sales and valuations. She's a top-notch ethical professional who works hard and smart for her clients.

Lynn Davis - Vet Industry Partner

Rebecca, thanks so much for your visit and consultation. Your thoughts and observations were much appreciated, and you presented yourself in a very professional manner.

 Dr. Johnny Bembry - Appraisal/Future Client

Very helpful with Veterinary Clinic data.

 Dr. Vaughn Maxwell - Appraisal

Rebecca has been a consistent partner of ABA's, helping our clients evaluate exit strategies and providing additional value to hers by bringing them to ABA post-purchase for tax minimization and ongoing practice management. Innovative, sharp, and professional, it's always a pleasure working with Rebecca and PSA -- and the Veterinarians that we have partnered on have always been tremendously pleased.

Daniel Sullivan, CPA

ABA Advisors

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