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Veterinary Practice Sales Testimonials


“Clinic review was friendly, quick and thorough. I was able to sell my clinic 4 months later with the practice review being a huge asset”

— Randy Esbeck


“My husband, Chris, and I made the decision to retire early and sell our practice this year. We had always hoped to sell our practice to an individual veterinarian who could carry on the legacy of our 34 yr. old practice. Our practice did not gross enough to attract the smaller corporate buyers and we were discouraged by other brokers until we were fortunate enough to find Rebecca Robinson Davis and Practice Sales Advisors. We were impressed by Rebecca's thorough knowledge of the veterinary industry and her experience with practice sales. She was extremely encouraging and guided us through the listing process very professionally. Rebecca quickly introduced us to the buyer we had hoped for and we closed our sale. We can't recommend her enough!’’

— Chris and Mickey Coleman, DVMs


"Rebecca, in addition to being one of the most cordial professionals out there, is also one of the most knowledgeable that I have dealt with in the specialty area of veterinary practices and real estate.  She was exceptionally detailed and astute regarding my area of professional interest, i.e., the real estate aspect of veterinary practices, both in general as well as with key specifics such as clinic features, utility factors, marketing and values."

— J. Edward Collins, Commercial Real Estate Appraiser


“Rebecca is a priceless asset! Not only is she professional and prompt, but she tailor’s advice for each individual and goes above and beyond! I whole-heartedly recommend her and Practice Sales Advisors.”

— Beth Yash


“Rebecca, I want to thank you for the hard work you put into selling my practice. I was especially pleased with your valuation as it sailed through financing and I believe I got very fair value for my practice. Your closing checklist was very helpful for the buyer and it gave us a framework to begin the transition. I would also like to thank you for making it out here for the closing as I know the timing couldn’t be worse for you, but it was a nice touch. Wishing you the best and I would recommend you to any veterinary that is wanting to sell their practice.”

— Michael Connolly, DVM


- “Selling my practice was one of the biggest decisions in my career. Rebecca gave me her expertise. She knows each aspect of the business for the buyer and the seller to help walk you through the process, Yes, I was her longest client, but Rebecca was never pushy and allowed me to choose the buyer to ensure it was the right fit for the practice. She is a person of integrity, honesty, and professionalism. Thank you so much for being steadfast!!!”

— Dr. Leslie Hart Fordham


“Excellent, efficient and supportive! Rebecca and her team are the entire package. Thank you, Practice Sales Advisors, for making my dreams a reality.”

— Tammy Wages


“Throughout the process from practice valuation to closing, Rebecca was extremely knowledgeable, caring, and professional. Rebecca’s personal approach and genuine interest for our concerns was very refreshing and greatly appreciated. As a seller, making a decision on when is the right time to sell, the process of finding the right buyer, negotiating the best terms, and navigating the ups and downs of closing can be a very difficult and stressful time. Practice Sales Advisors and Rebecca were excellent and are highly recommended.”

— John Pazora, DVM


“We were very pleased with Rebecca and her help with the sale of our practice. She was very professional and worked quickly. Her contacts in the veterinary industry allowed us to get more offers than anticipated for our practice and helped us get a higher price than expected. Highly recommend!”

— Brennan McGoldrick


"Rebecca aided me in the purchase of my first practice. I was so impressed, I asked for her assistance when I purchased a second one. She walked me through the entire process, kept the lines of communication flowing between the bank and I, and answered all my questions. I could not have asked for the process to run more smoothly.”


— Dr. Scott McDermott
Weems Road Hospital | Columbus, GA

"Referred to Practice Sales Advisors by colleague who had used services in two prior practice sales and highly recommended PSA. After my first call to Rebecca I felt I was in great hands. She listened carefully to my needs and walked me through the process of the evaluation. Along the way she coached and encouraged me and I never felt any question was off limits with regards to the sale process.


Once the information was gather and forwarded to her, the evaluation report was returned in less than a week. She helped me to understand the value and how it was determined and encouraged further conversations with the buyer.


I felt totally supported with this process and found her compensation for PSA services to be extremely reasonable and of great value. I will not hesitate to use PSA again should the need arise and would gladly recommend PSA services to anyone considering a practice sale ... PSA is an exceptional service for the veterinary community."


— Dr. Brock Wagner 
Best Friends Animal Healthcare and Laser Center | Columbus, Indiana


"Very helpful with Veterinary Clinic data."


— Appraiser, Vaughn Maxwell

"When it was time to sell the practice that my father started in 1968 I interviewed multiple advisors. After much consideration I chose to work with Rebecca. We both knew that we would need to find the right person for this practice as the practice was older and the revenues where not where they needed to be. Rebecca did a great job of finding someone who had a vision of what the practice could become and who also wanted to carry on my father’s legacy. Rebecca was extremely professional throughout the entire process and was always prompt when needed. Now as we look back I now that I made the right choice in working with Rebecca. A truly dedicated professional."


— Eddie Hudspeth


"Rebecca! Thank you for your steadfast encouragement, foresight, and level-headed counsel in my journey to practice ownership. I am grateful to you for your transparency and equitable nature, and also for your ability to communicate well and adapt during such a rapidly evolving process. The ambition and energy level you emote is admirable, and I look forward to working with you in the future."


— Dr. Wyatt Cleveland 
Lebanon Road Animal Hospital | Hermitage, Tennessee



"Rebecca is great! She is very honest and will make sure that the practice sale is beneficial for both the seller and buyer.
Highly recommend!"


­— Dr. Andrew Quesada
Buyer Animal Amour Vet Hospital | Lovejoy Georgia


"Nothing but 5 Stars!!! Rebecca and Practice Sales Advisors played a key role as I looked into the daunting task of buying 2 multi-million dollar practices as well as a solo practice. She continues to provide her expertise fairly to both the buyer and seller in other practice valuations from multi-doctor practices to solo doctor practices. Anyone looking for a veterinary practice appraisal or just advice in how to buy a vet practice, Practice Sales Advisors is who to contact!"


­— Dr. Aaron Rainer
President, Texas Veterinary Medical Association


"I can't begin to express my gratitude for Rebecca in this review. As a first-time buyer with no business background, purchasing a practice was a huge learning process for me. Rebecca was there to promptly answer any questions or concerns I had about the process or the practice itself. From dealing with the appraisal to the closing table she was readily available to ensure every aspect was going smoothly and giving much-needed advice.  She spent adequate time explaining everything from valuations and cash-flow to purchase agreements and real estate contracts. Rebecca was able to simplify the process as much as humanely possible, which was invaluable to me as a buyer juggling a full-time job and family.  It is hard to imagine the personal attention that Rebecca can provide being matched anywhere else. I would highly recommend Practice Sales Advisors to any friend or colleague considering buying or selling a practice."


— Dr. Chad Lakey
Midway Animal Clinic | Winston-Salem, NC

Rebecca was wonderful in assisting us in the sale of our veterinary practice. She was very knowledgeable, professional, and fair.  She took time to explain the process to us in terms we could understand. More importantly, she explained the practice evaluation and process to the BUYERS with the same thoroughness and patience she gave us. We would advise anyone looking to sell their practice to give her a call."


— Dr. Steve & Elsie Haynes

Midway Animal Clinic | Winston-Salem, NC

"I have been involved as an attorney in a few transactions with Rebecca, and each time I have found her to not only be good at her broker role of bringing buyer and seller together, but also very good as a facilitator as the transaction proceeds to closing. She stays involved in the closing process to make sure her clients receive the guidance they need and to help resolve any problems that might arise. She works hard and is very determined, and I would recommend her to anyone interested in selling a business."


­— Attorney Tom Falish

"When looking at vet clinics for sale, Rebecca was patient and helped me with my search for almost 2 years before I found “the one”. Her veterinary practice appraisal expertise was vital in the buying process. She helped guide me with the purchase allocation & negotiations. Always encouraging, understanding & never pushy Ms. Robinson was a valuable asset for me during my search for the perfect practice to call home."


­— Dr. Stephen Tkac,

Bridge Park Animal Hospital | Georgia Veterinary Medical Association
Power of 10 Committee Chair


"I overslept this morning for the first time since I don’t remember when. Thanks so much for everything, Rebecca. You did your job well and it was a pleasure working with you. You were the calm in the midst of the storm."

Dr. Mike & Kay Brown
Webster, Texas

Picture of Rebecca Robinson and the Browns all smiling after their transacation.

"Ms. Robinson was extremely helpful during the recent purchase of a veterinary clinic. She assisted in lending by giving me which banks and who to talk to, contracts between the seller and myself, and making sure everything got performed from the sellers end when it came to closing. She has also been very helpful when it came to seeing what I needed to do, how to start getting finances in order, and helping me through the transition period. Thank you for all your help!!!!"


­— Dr. Panuska
Friendship Animal Hospital | Charlotte North Carolina

"I can't say enough about Rebecca and Practice Sales Advisors. Because ....this little box wouldn't do my experience any justice. My case was VERY challenging with many ups and downs and emotions involved and Rebecca handled everything with professionalism and finesse from beginning to end. couldn't have had any MORE competence with LESS red tape than Rebecca. The other brokers and/or firms that I contacted prior to finding Rebecca (I contacted 3!) were just very nonchalant, not motivated to assist in the daunting process of valuation and information gathering (which was a sticky situation for me)....they were lackluster and just not eager to help! I felt defeated before I started! When I met Rebecca, my troubles melted away and her confidence was so reassuring. She promised to sell my practice for maximum value (she did, indeed!) and Rebecca facilitated the entire transaction seamlessly! On both ends! She represented myself (the seller) AND also assisted her buyer with any of the big hurdles and time-sensitive issues we could have come upon. My situation was indeed emotional and sensitive in so many aspects and Rebecca stood the course with such class and support. Let's just say her commission was a mere droplet of what she's really worth. I'll feel indebted to her forever. Forget the 'big boys' dominating the veterinary broker industry...put your faith in Rebecca Robinson. You'll absolutely NEVER be sorry you did. (And feel free to have Rebecca connect you to me if you need further clarity!)"


­— Cheryl-Anne
Practice Seller South Charlotte Animal Hospital

"Rebecca has been a consistent partner of ABA's, helping our clients evaluate exit strategies and providing additional value to hers by bringing them to ABA post-purchase for tax minimization and ongoing practice management. Innovative, sharp, and professional, it's always a pleasure working with Rebecca and PSA -- and the Veterinarians that we have partnered on have always been tremendously pleased."


­— CPA Daniel Sullivan
ABA Advisors


"Dear Rebecca,

It is rare these days to find a person truly in love and dedicated to their profession!! I immediately realized I had a jewel when you returned my call two days before Christmas within fifteen minutes. I was amazed when you told me you wanted to visit the practice and make a rough estimate on value to be sure we were on the same page before any agreements were made or money changed hands. I’ve always tried to be honest with my twenty one employees thus I immediately told them of my plans to sell the clinic due to heath concerns. Of course, human nature brought much anxiety. They were deeply committed to Seymour Vet Clinic, community, and me but justifiably concerned about their future. Rebecca, your heartfelt talk explaining the marketing process and confirming we were both determined to select a new owner committed to fabulous care and compassion of patients, staff “family”, and most importantly community service, made everyone at ease. Your willingness to spend time with them in private conversation truly made a difference. Your expertise selected a fabulous private owner from our area which based on the first three weeks of transition appears to meet and exceed all of our goals. I realize the unbelievable time and stress you experienced during the negations to attain an excellent selling price and obtaining a loan for the buyer, few professionals would return calls while on vacation and call the day before their wedding to be sure closing went well and I was satisfied with the deal. I truly believe God sent me to you. Another job well done!! I’m looking forward to recommending this five star professional to my colleagues! Thank you!!"


­— Dr. Sam J. Lyle
Seymour Vet Clinic | Seymour Tennessee


Photo of outside of Animal Wellness Center in The Colony, Texas


“I didn’t even have time to pack, Rebecca sold my practice so quickly!"

Dr. Jeri Stewart
The Colony, Texas

3rd Time Buyer!

"I have had the pleasure of working with Rebecca Robinson, CBI  during the acquisition of our three Veterinary Hospitals. Rebecca’s expertise in accurately preparing the clinic documentation made for easy decisions on our part. Her advice and guidance through the purchase was invaluable to us."

Dr. Joesph Atwell
Gulf Coast Animal Hospital | Panama City Florida

Joseph Atwell standing with a SOLD sign after buying a practice.

Rebecca Robinson with the buyers and sellers of the Houston Cat HospitalSELLER
"I wanted to take some time to thank you for the superb service I received. I could not have asked for a better experience selling my practice. It was the epitome of professionalism.

The selling process seemed daunting at first but you led me through the stages, step by step, and before I knew it, my clinic was sold!  Rebecca’s thorough, detailed and patient explanation of the appraisal process was very educational and helped me to understand how the value of my practice was determined. It was evident that she was very experienced and adept at detailed analysis and appraisal of veterinary hospitals. Rebecca skillfully guided me through negotiations with the buyer, and had some innovative and helpful suggestions for ways to bridge the gap between buyer and seller, all the while preserving an excellent working relationship amongst all the parties. No small feat in transactions such as these and particularly important since I have continued to work for the new owner! There is an art to bringing together the buyer and seller that are right for each other. When it is a good match the pieces fall into place more easily but it still requires enormous skill and art to be an effective communicator between the two sides and their attorneys. I was so grateful to have Rebecca in my corner every step of the way. When I reflect back on the entire process of the sale, from start to finish, I marvel at how much we accomplished, how far we came in such a short period of time and how thankful I am to have chosen to work with you! It has been a great experience and I am thrilled with the outcome!"

— Dr. Kathleen Smith
Houston Texas


"Rebecca was a tremendous help with our most recent clinic acquisition. Her efforts were always honest, fair and professional. She keeps a level head during the tough parts of the process, which allows the buyer and seller to work through some of the stickier issues. This enabled us to get a good deal done — one that all parties were happy with. I look forward to doing business with her again soon!"

— David Strauss & David Murvin
Houston Cat Hospital | Houston Texas

"I have had the pleasant experience to work with Rebecca Robinson on two separate occasions with practice acquisitions; most recently about 6 months ago on a sale in my home town. She was ever available, easy to do business with, vigilant, honest, and kept both the seller’s and my interest in mind during the transaction while she drove the deal home. She works with expediency and adds a personal touch to the acquisition that is a welcome attribute in an otherwise stressful process made smooth by her calm and easy demeanor. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking towards practice acquisition or sales."


— Dr. Andrew Armani 
Airport Animal Hospital | Pensacola, Florida


"Thank you for helping us with the sale of our practice. Now the life of ease…Habitat for Humanity, signed up for a class, reading everything…so wonderful!"

— Dr. Lucinda Ellis
Airport Animal Hospital | Pensacola, Florida


Follow-up testimonial

"You will be and are an angel to us. We were so blessed to have met you and your wonderful company that has enabled us to retire. Almost 2 years now!"


— Dr. Lucinda Ellis

Airport Animal Hospital | Pensacola, Florida


"You have been a great broker and a dear friend to me."


  Widow Melanie Frederick
Alief Animal Hospital | Houston Texas



"It was a great pleasure and a pleasant experience to conduct a business transaction with the help of Rebecca Robinson. She always listened to my concerns, addressed my questions, and promptly returned my calls – even on weekends. At the beginning a purchase of an animal hospital with the help of an SBA loan seemed like a very complicated transaction. Rebecca “walked me through it” step by step and it was just an amazing experience to know that someone is looking out for my interest as well as the seller’s interest. I, as a buyer, would highly recommend, even I would advise to get Rebecca’s help before purchasing a veterinary practice."


Ferdinand Tamas DVM

Alief Animal Hospital | Houston Texas

Picture of Rebecca and the Aliefs selling their vet practice.


"Rebecca, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with all the work that you put into selling my practice! Even though it took a while to find the right buyer, you worked endlessly to make that happen. You were there when I needed questions answered and remained positive until the final closing! I can’t thank you enough! Everyone that I talked to during the process was very professional and personable too. I could truly tell that you cared about me and getting great results. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Again, thanks so much!"

— Dr. Ernest Ballard
Pelham Animal Clinic | Birmingham, AL



"I just purchased Pelham Animal Clinic from Dr. Ballard. I know Rebecca Robinson was representing the seller, but I truly felt that she also had my best interest at heart. So far things are going very well with the transition, and I am very thankful to Rebecca for her help."


— Dr. W. Ryan Carr

Pelham Animal Clinic | Birmingham, AL




"When the time came to buy my partners stock in our practice, I knew I needed an expert to help. Working with a woman who was compassionate, patient and experienced was instrumental to the transaction. Rebecca took her time explaining the process in detail and even showed me how the price was calculated! There were numerous steps along the way but she guided me through each, always reassuring me that each was my decision and provided options at each interval. She literally helped me step by step while simultaneously educating me about the process.


I achieved my ultimate goal and couldn’t have done it without Rebecca’s guidance, expertise and listening ear!"
— Dr. Susan Brosman

Park Place Animal Hospital | Lake Oconee, Georgia

Rebecca Robinson and the buyer of a vet practice


— Dr. Gage Blackstone, satisfied client 3 years post-sale at South West Veterinary Conference in Fort Worth, Texas

Airport Animal Hospital, Pensacola, FL


"Buying a practice from a deceased owner is especially complex and a sensitive situation. Rebecca understood the intricacies of the process, worked quickly and efficiently for me, the buyer, along with being compassionate with the family. Although not an ideal situation, however, she is the ideal brokerage!"

— Dr. Michael Mongue
Ferry Pass Animal Hospital | Pensacola, FL


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