Undersigned party acknowledges and accepts the following terms in relation to confidential information received from Practice Sales Advisors:


  1. Receiving party will not contact practice owner, clients, staff, vendors, or any affiliations. All communication is to be directed via Practice Sales Advisors. Information is to be held in strict confidence.

  2. All information received via email, fax, mail, verbal communication is additionally considered Confidential and is not to be disclosed.

  3. Receiving party may share confidential information with said trusted advisor with the intent of pursuing practice sale, acquisition, merger, lease, exchange or like kind.

  4. Any information received in relation to practice and or marketing materials received from Practice Sales Advisors may not be duplicated or reproduced for any purpose.

  5. Information will not be used for any other purpose other than potential acquisition.



Information is provided by Seller and sources deemed reliable however, is not warranted nor guaranteed by Practice Sales Advisors. Buyer is to perform Due Diligence. Receiving Party agrees to release Practice Sales Advisors from any claims and damages. Practice Sales Advisors offers no tax or legal advice.