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Good, Good Friday.

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

It's a GOOD FRIDAY indeed! After 779 days of loving these little ones, the ADOPTION IS FINAL! These simple words create an indescribable feeling. We are over the moon for this immense blessing and are still pinching ourselves in disbelief. The process was bumpy however, beauty emerged from the unification of two families; biological & adopted becoming one. Eric & I are proud to continue our family's story and legacy of generational fostering.

These beautiful, fun-loving littles are simply a joy to know and have forever changed our lives. Because of them, our smiles are permanent and the future seems a little sweeter. God knew exactly what our hearts needed when we didn't realize anything was missing. We are eternally grateful to our dear friends & family who have supported us during this beautiful journey. In our eyes we were already a family, now it's official on paper. Tatum Anna Davis & Tristen Asher Davis, we are so in love! 💘

Please look in your heart & consider adopting or fostering a child looking for a forever home right here in Georgia. #adoption #adoptionrocks #fostercare

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