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Buyers: Buying A Veterinary Practice

There are few more satisfying and rewarding things in life than earning a steady and growing income stream doing what you love – caring for dogs, cats, birds, equine, and other animals in your own veterinary practice. We’re here to help you realize that dream.

Whether your interest is in a small vet clinic or a large animal hospital, finding the right veterinary practice for the right price isn't easy. We’re here to help you sift through all the variables—such as profitability, market analysis, and quality of care—to determine which practice is best for you. You deserve a practice that positions you for a successful career. We’re here to help you find a practice that’s a perfect match for your skills and career goals.

Nationwide Buyer’s Representation

Many of our clients are recent graduates looking to buy their first veterinary practice. At Practice Sales Advisors, we provide top-notch exclusive representation for veterinarians, individuals, partnerships, and corporations interested in buying a veterinary practice.

When you choose Practice Sales Advisors as your exclusive buyer’s agent, you have a dedicated practice broker who will be your single point of contact, guiding you every step of the way, handling the necessary details, and answering all your questions for a successful and lucrative acquisition. Our buyer's representation services include, but are not limited to:

Consultation and Pre-Qualification: When you’re ready to buy a vet clinic, animal hospital, or other veterinary practice, consulting with an experienced practice broker and getting pre-qualified allows us to understand your objectives, so we can find the vet practices that best meet your investment, career, and financial goals.

National Practice Listings: Whether you are buying a veterinary practice in Georgia or any other market, your dedicated practice broker will provide you with a list of practices for sale that meets your specific criteria and location, even if it is listed with another broker.

Contracts and Negotiations: We provide a team of dedicated professionals skilled in real estate contract negotiations for the veterinary industry that help our client buyers get the best possible price and terms for their practice acquisition.

Practice Financing: We work with many well-established lenders specializing in veterinary practice financing. Since successful practices have a steady and verifiable income stream, buying a veterinary practice with a small or no down payment is often possible. In some cases, the seller may also be willing to provide owner financing.

Post-Sale Support: Your success is our greatest reward. That's why we provide every client with complimentary post-sale support, including free annual practice valuations. It's our way of saying thanks for trusting us to help you make one of the most important financial decisions of your career in veterinary medicine. And, when it’s time to sell your practice, we can help with that too.

How to Buy a Veterinary Practice

Deciding to buy a veterinary practice may be one of the best investment decisions you will make in your lifetime. According to a recent American Pet Products Association survey, approximately two out of three American households have at least one pet. That’s 85 million families who need the services of a vet clinic, animal hospital, or specialty veterinary practice. In addition, there are also millions of farmers in rural areas who need equestrian and large animal veterinarian services.

However, buying a veterinary practice requires due diligence to ensure the clinic or hospital you plan to buy will meet your income, investment, and career objectives. Here’s our convenient step-by-step guide to help future clients better understand the steps involved in purchasing a veterinary practice.

  • Step 1: Determine the Type and Size of Practice You Want to Buy

Think of this as a mini business plan. Do you wish to own a small vet clinic, a large animal hospital, or a more specialized veterinary practice? What are your practice revenue and income goals? Once you’ve answered those questions, identify the geographic market you are targeting. Finally, consider your financial situation. Do you have sufficient funds for the purchase, or will you need practice financing?

  • Step 2: Meet with a Veterinary Practice Broker

Our veterinary practice brokers have all the tools and resources to help you find, select, and purchase the veterinary practice that meets your goals and objectives. At Practice Sales Advisors, our first step is to understand your needs and requirements. Once we have a focused understanding of your needs, we perform the market research analysis, prepare practice appraisals and valuations, and research practice listings and other vet practices for sale that fit your specific criteria.

  • Step 3: Practice Selection

Once your dedicated practice broker has prepared a package listing practices that meet your criteria, you’re ready to begin the selection process. The package will contain all the information you need to make an informed business decision. This includes a market analysis, financials, equipment, building ownership or lease, equipment, staff size, and more.

Your broker will arrange site visits allowing you to tour the facility you select as well as meeting the doctors and staff who will be under your leadership. Once you have made your final decision, your broker will prepare the necessary paperwork to make an offer to purchase the vet practice.

  • Step 4: Arrange Financing

One of the benefits of working with Practice Sales Advisors is our established relationships with many leading veterinarian industry lenders. We have successfully arranged practice financing for our clients, even those fresh out of veterinary school or without a down payment.

  • Step 5: Closing

Once your offer is accepted and financing has been approved, you will then meet with your dedicated practice broker to sign the closing package and get the keys to your very own veterinary practice. Congratulations!

  • Step 6: Post-Purchase Support

At Practice Sales Advisors, we take a keen interest in our clients’ success. The closing is not the end of the process but the beginning of a life-long relationship. Your dedicated practice broker will continue to be a valuable resource as you embark on your journey of practice ownership. We also provide all our clients with complementary annual practice valuations, so you will always know the value your hard work is generating.

We're With You Every Step of the Way

From initial consultation and pre-qualification to closing and post-purchase support, Practice Sales Advisors will be with you every step of the way on your journey to buying a Veterinary Practice.

Contact us toll-free at (844) 4PSA HELP to speak with a practice advisor today to make your dream of buying a veterinary practice a reality.

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