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Why Should I Buy? The obvious answer: You're the Boss

You Call the Shots

As an owner, one of the rewarding benefits is having the freedom to choose how the practice operates. What services are offered? When are you open? Do you want to board?  Whatever the case may be, YOU are the one deciding what goes.  You create the ideal working environment.

More Money in the Bank

Aside from making the calls, practice ownership allows for increased profitability. A profitable practice is essential for paying off those dreadful student loans while still having a comfortable retirement to look forward to. 

Established Respect is Value

When you buy an established veterinary clinic, you're not just purchasing the fancy equipment and charming real estate; you're purchasing the goodwill. You're buying the loyal clientele. You're buying the remarkable reputation. You don't have to waste time making a name for yourself because the practice has already proven to be successful.

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