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Practice Sales Advisors – Veterinary Practice Brokers – Buy – Sell - Valuations

Planning to Buy or Sell Your Veterinary Practice?

Personalized Brokerage Services You Can Trust

At Practice Sales Advisors, we specialize in the sale, purchase, and valuation of veterinarian clinics, animal hospitals, and specialty practices. Our passion is helping you find the veterinary practice that meets your goals and positions you for a successful career doing what you love or sell the practice you’ve invested in building to a buyer who will serve your clients with integrity and care. We serve a broad range of clients, include recent veterinary school graduates, individuals, partnerships, and corporations nationwide.

At Practice Sales Advisors, your success is the heart of our business. Our certified advisors and appraisers will help you navigate the entire process of buying or selling a veterinary practice or determining what your practice is worth. View our Nationwide Veterinary Practice Listings.

Your Success is Our Greatest Reward

We know that selling, buying, or evaluating a veterinary practice is a complex task that requires accurate analysis. Our brokerage service team will handle the entire process from initial consultation to closing, so you can continue to manage your business. Our service includes a team of industry professionals and nationwide resources as well as expert tax consultations, to explore any available tax advantages you may have. Speak with a certified practice advisor.

Buying a Practice

Practice Sales Advisors has extensive relationships with lenders specializing in financing veterinary practices for doctors, individuals, partnerships, corporate groups, and investors. We help recent veterinary school graduates buy their first practice. Our team can help clients looking to buy a veterinary practice with little or no down payment. Learn more about buying a veterinary practice. View our Practice Listings for Sale.

Selling a Practice

Selling a veterinary practice is more than maximizing the return on your investment. It's also about finding a buyer who is as passionate and dedicated about caring for your patients the way you do. Our nationwide relationships and customized marketing campaigns provide maximum exposure to locate pre-qualified buyers while our Certified Negotiation Expert obtains the best price and terms for your practice. Learn more about selling your veterinary practice.

Practice Valuations

Buying or selling a veterinary practice is unlike many other businesses. Significant investments in tangible and intangible assets affect a practice's value. This makes a veterinary practice valuation critical in determining a practice’s profitability, strengths, weaknesses, and value. Since accuracy is key to maximizing your return on investment, all of our practice valuations are completed by certified appraisers with extensive veterinary industry experience. Learn more about our veterinary practice valuations and appraisals.

Post-Sale Support

The successful sale or purchase of a practice doesn’t end our relationship with our clients. It is the beginning of your journey to success. That’s why every PSA client receives complimentary post-sale support, including free annual practice valuations. It's our way of saying Thank You for putting your trust in us as you embark on your career in veterinary medicine. Learn more about Practice Sales Advisors.

Our Certifications & Credentials

RACE CE Certified | Member of Vet Partners | Designated CBI | Designated CNE | Harvard Law School Executive Education | University of Georgia-Commercial Finance & Investment Analysis | Member of the International Business Brokers Association | Former State Registered Real Property Appraiser | Licensed Broker in Georgia | Licensed Broker in Tennessee | Licensed Broker in Maryland | Licensed Broker in North Carolina | Licensed Broker in South Carolina | Licensed Broker in Florida | Licensed Broker in Mississippi | Licensed Broker in Louisiana | Licensed Broker in New Mexico | Licensed Broker in New York | Licensed Broker in Arkansas | Licensed Broker in Massachusetts | Licensed Broker In Nebraska | Licensed Broker in Connecticut | Licensed Broker in Pennsylvania | Licensed Broker in Oregon | Licensed Broker in Utah | Licensed Broker in Oklahoma | Licensed Broker in Iowa | Licensed Broker in Washington | Licensed Broker in North Dakota | Licensed Broker in Rhode Island | Texas Veterinary Medical Association-Allied Member | Georgia Veterinary Medical Association Member | New Mexico Veterinary Medical Association Member | Florida Veterinary Medical Association Advocate Member | North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association Member | Tennessee Veterinary Medical Association Member | Texas Veterinary Industry Advisory Committee Member | North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association Industry Partner | AVMA Official Exhibitor Sponsor | NAVC Official Exhibitor Sponsor | JAVMA Contributor | DVM 360 Contributor

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